Views, visitors, likes and comments!


If these following things below don’t happen I am going to quit blogging!! (Cause it not worth ir if no one is reading what I do! Ps. I don’t won’t to!)

1. At the end of the holidays I want at least 30 views.

2. By the end of august I want 15 views.

3. By the end of the year I want more likes, comments and followers!

Hope it goes to plan! 🙂

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Growing nails or sucking your thumb!


The recommended website to use to learn how to make nails strong and healthy

These two habits are the kind I used to do and I’ve learnt the hard way how bad it is.

Biting your nails spreads germs and can lead to have sore fingers. But biting your toenails or picking them off (makes you finger nails worst) is more painful because your nails protect you for blisters.

However sucking your thumb can make your teeth move forwards. Lucky enough I stopped at the right time because my teeth are fine. If you have both habits put on a horrible taste nail polish! Or use this website below:,-Strong-Nails#Getting_Proper_Vitamins

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Summer report for week one!

IMG_3875The weather isn’t a good start but Monday it’s on and off rain and sun but it’s going to hit 21 degrees. But Tuesday it’s really sunny at 23 degrees. Wednesday is similar to Monday at 21 degrees. Thursday is going to be 19 degrees with sunny and cloudy. On Friday it going to be the same temperature as Thursday with less sun! At the weekend it’s going to be around 22 degrees with sun and clouds.

In the rain you can jump in puddles or invite you friends to play wii games! Sunny days you can go for picnics at lovely parks!

Enjoy your week!

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I just want to point out a big…

It’s been one month since I open my blog and I have also created over 10 posts. To celebrate please play this song to your self to this website!

I want meet all my readers in person and give them a hug for all of the support I have had. Thanks to ‘the poem in me’ my first reader who has wished me luck for the whole month.  Thanks to Zoella Sugg for writing my favourite book and inspiring me to write a blog. A final big big thank you to the website

Especially number 36 which made me create what you reading now. IMG_3866



Sorry!!😩 And what’s coming soon

2 IN 1 BLOG!!

I have been so busy I have exams and I just finished school!! (Check out school out for summer blog) to make up I doing 3 blogs every week starting Monday.

Thankyou for all my comments, followers and all reading you make me so happy writing this blog.

I have officially left year 8 next year is the time when I start my gcse subjects I need year 9!!

Carry on reading below😜

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Bully is NEVER right!❌


Today I saw a young boy get called name like ‘Loser’ and ‘dr dot’ for how they look. So I wanted to do a post on bullying.

Most kids think they aren’t bullying but if your name calling, physically hurting someone or texting mean messages then you are a bully. I want you to stopimg_3813.png

most kids don’t know what to do when they are being bullied. These 4 tips will help you to know what to do.

1. So show how worried you are or scared.

2. Don’t detele any messages they sent you. It’s evidence!

3. Never call them something back, cuz you’ll be the bully!

4. REPORT TO A TRUSTED ADULT! Never suffer alone!

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What to do when someone to addict to you?


Friends can sometimes get carried away

My friend is addict to me she to spent every minute of school with me, my BFF was trying to help this girl from a fallout. But all they do is follow you around what do you do?

1. Try and make them make up with there other friend.

2. If that doesn’t work, just be honest.

Tommorrow I am going to tell my friend the truth!

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The day after…

the first tip didn’t work but now things are moving along now!(it’s now 30th June



What to do when bored?


Stop being bored

This is what I typed in google to make me create this blog! So I going to help you stop bored! These are ways to stop being bored and have fun!!

make a song

create a blog

bake a cake

Read a book


play a game(tennis or guess who)

watch a film

Tidy your room

go out with family or friends!

Having fun on your non-boring day!

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