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You won’t believe this but I am reading my fav book girl online again. I am extremely sorry but I have been studying and been so busy, I think I am being to do 3 blog a month this one doesn’t count. CHEISTMAS COUNTDOWN!!!!! This is amazing I can’t believe comment below what have u asked for! I had a problem with my friend today, this will be coming up in the next blog. Stay tune in for coming up blogs!!

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Summer report for week 6! 🎉

IMG_0306Sorry it’s late was busy this weekend, but I sad to say I am taking a break for blogging because I feel like spend too much time on this blog. I am not saying I don’t like it it just seems like the right thing to do at the moment because of the new school year. I will be back Wednesday the 6th of September!

The weather:


I would type it but I realise I am on 5% battery!! For the activities I think you should get back to school things ready and bring on the autumn theme!!!

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Views, visitors, likes and comments part 2!


Thank you so much for helping me with my views m, visitors, comments and likes! I gave you 3 things to achieve:


You achieved:

•more than 30 views

• and you got more comments, likes and visitors

I afraid that you haven’t gotten me more than 15 views this month! I need 6 more please there only 12 days! Please!

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Summer report for week 5!


This is the summer report for this week it gives you the weather and activities to do. Monday is very cloudy at 23 degrees, get your shorts on! Tuesday is very sunny at 26 degrees! On Wednesday it will be the same but it’s 24 degrees. Thursday is colder (23 degrees) with lots of clouds. Friday is cloudy at 22 degrees. Saturday and Sunday is raining at 22 and 20 degrees! So you can see it goes hot to cold!


You can go to the swimming baths on raining days you’ll already be wet!

In the sun you can go to parks or go out for lunch by the canal or lake!!

Have a good one 🙂

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Be safe at home 🏡

If you are stuck in all day make sure you consider my top 5 tips to be double checked:

1. Falling over, this is dangerous it can cause head injury or broken bones! Watch out for wet floor, slippy spaces, extension leads and scattered items. Please care for the elderly!

2. House fires, it cause bad damage to you and people’s lives but to prevent it please place in fire alarms, unplug electronics, get a fire extinguisher and be careful of candles.

3. Choking, please especially watch  young children with items like toys, keep out of reach items and large food!

4. Cuts, be aware of sharp items and close bins to prevent it!

5. Burns, watch out for hot surfaces, turn off hobbs and if you are burnt run the cold tap over it!

Stay safe ⚠️✅

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Summer report for week 4!


Sorry I was on holiday in London!! Didn’t have time to blog the summer report! So I do it from Thursday! It’s raining with a breeze at 24 degrees, Friday is  more sunnier with no breeze but colder 19 degrees. Saturday is the same but with a little breeze! Sunday is raining at 21 degrees.

Enjoy it!!

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These are summer items I recommend you buy for summer! All items are in lowest to highest price: 


A comfortable t-shirt great for summer and beach holidays. It’s £7.99 from H&M!


This is also from H&M, these shorts are perfect for chilling out at home. Both the same but comes in different colours, and both are £7.99.


This baseball cap is made by Nike and it’s great for blocking boys necks from the sun (girls could use it as well). You can get this from the Nike shop or JD at £11.00.



These flip flops come in different colours, many sizes and are long lasting. They are £10 extra than the girls ones but great quality. They are £18.00.

Thanks for reading😆! Hope you enjoyed your summer so far!

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