These are summer items I recommend you buy for summer! All items are in lowest to highest in price:



These mint green shoes are so comfortable made by soft cotton. It’s from new look, at £5.00 in the sale.

These flip flops are so pretty and come in many styles at the same price; £8.00 each price!! I have a pair myself, I also found lots of nail varnish with goes with the colours! At accessorise!


This top is great for the beach going over bikinis, it’s also loose not to tight to make you really hot. H&M do a lot of really comfortable clothing this one is £9.99.


These two floral pieces of clothing are perfect for going out in. The one on the left is a good quality jumpsuit comes in ages 9-15 in the teen section at £15.99. The other top is a cold shoulder strapless but a great meal top at £12.99. Both items from new look!



The item is the most expensive but comes in different colour at the same price of £20.00. However this is branded by pink soda sport bought only at JD.

If you liked items above you might like items for great birthday presents for girls, boys and both!

Hope you enjoyed looking at my favourites of summer, I will do a boys version very soon! Thanks for reading 🙂

Offline, coming back soon 😉


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