Book Favourites!

It’s important to read books because it helps with your English and literacy skills and gives you a  great imagination!

These books are what I recommend to read at the age of 11-13 girls:


This is the book I am reading this summer unfortunately I can give you any information of what’s it is like but I will do a review soon!


The memory book written by Lara Avery is about a girls with wild dreams. She wants to win a debate championship and become a human rights lawyer. But she realised she has a decease that makes her forget everything. How will she cope?

This is good for all 11-13 children:


Holes is one of my favourite books it about a kid called Stanley who struggles in life with his bad luck and get bullied because she’s overweight. When is get sent to camp green lake, because he found a pair of shoes and they thought he stole them. At camp you dig holes to build character, what are they really digging for?

Thesebooks are what I recommend to read at the age of 11-13 boys: 


Tom Gates is about a kid who loves drawing and basically shows his life at school!


Examples of Michael Morpurgo

Michael Morpurgo has the most amazing collections, my favourite is little Manfred.

So let get reading!

Offline, coming back soon 🙂


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