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On my blog there will be two blogs every week at the end of July I hope to get more followers and comments for my blog.

My posts won’t be just on tips like my new post soon will be on birthday presents!

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Bully is NEVER right!❌


Today I saw a young boy get called name like ‘Loser’ and ‘dr dot’ for how they look. So I wanted to do a post on bullying.

Most kids think they aren’t bullying but if your name calling, physically hurting someone or texting mean messages then you are a bully. I want you to stopimg_3813.png

most kids don’t know what to do when they are being bullied. These 4 tips will help you to know what to do.

1. So show how worried you are or scared.

2. Don’t detele any messages they sent you. It’s evidence!

3. Never call them something back, cuz you’ll be the bully!

4. REPORT TO A TRUSTED ADULT! Never suffer alone!

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What to do when someone to addict to you?


Friends can sometimes get carried away

My friend is addict to me she to spent every minute of school with me, my BFF was trying to help this girl from a fallout. But all they do is follow you around what do you do?

1. Try and make them make up with there other friend.

2. If that doesn’t work, just be honest.

Tommorrow I am going to tell my friend the truth!

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The day after…

the first tip didn’t work but now things are moving along now!(it’s now 30th June



What to do when bored?


Stop being bored

This is what I typed in google to make me create this blog! So I going to help you stop bored! These are ways to stop being bored and have fun!!

make a song

create a blog

bake a cake

Read a book


play a game(tennis or guess who)

watch a film

Tidy your room

go out with family or friends!

Having fun on your non-boring day!

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Reasons teens shouldn’t stress

IMG_3807Today I was reading my favourite books as you know is ‘girl online’ when Penny starts by writing a new blog (like me). Starts with welcome and then talks about girls stressing (don’t worry boys, I made this for boys and girls!). If you never read, it it’s something new. If you have, I twisted it around to make it different in my way!

Top ten reasons why teens stress but shouldn’t

1. You have to be perfect all the time- perfect is what ever you make it. I am natural, my makeup is just moistures, lip balm and sometimes a little mascara (sometimes I don’t put any on). Boys you don’t have to put gel in your hair!

2. Puberty is kicking in- don’t worry it the way to growing up!

3. You have to dress perfect- dress how you like your own style.

4. It’s when you have lots of spots- in normal for teens to have spots so don’t worry.

5. You have to wear perfect things

to be continued

Struggling with exams


Revise it will be fine

In my school this week is end of year exams, the other day I saw something in the library all worried about the exams. Here some of my top tips of helping you do a successful exam.

1.Don’t panic or stress it will just make your exam worse.

2. Revise, make mind-maps, flash cards or bullet points to help you remember things.

3.Focus, don’t get distracted by s clock ticking or a teacher focus on you and your paper.

Hope these points help you in your exams! Good luck!

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What to do when I grow up?(careers)


When I grow up I don’t know what I want to be but I had a career assembly recently. I want to share the teacher’s advice with you.

She said these three tips:

1. Don’t get yourself pressurised and make sure you get a career you like.

2. Never miss good opportunities, like a sample interview. It will help you in the future with a CV and job interview.

3. Look for all of the jobs you are interested, consider salaries and other benefits of the job.

Remember you don’t need to  decide until year 11 so don’t be worried.

Comment below what subjects you are interested in and I add some jobs you may like. Follow this blog and tell your friends. If you have any stories and advice is needed, comment it.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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BFFs problems


This blog is about me and my bff, I don’t want give her name away calling her BFF. We had an argument, these two girls fell out (still are) and BFF felt sorry for a girl and left me for her. But she had her reasons and I had mine so we made up.

You will probably ask why well this is when you use the word sorry. It’s a simple word to make bffs stay together. If it doesn’t work wait until their ready.

This book inspired I recommend ‘Best friends and other enemies’!(At the top of page) This book is about a girl who lost her best friend. They make up with my word of the week.

Please comment more advise or tell me if it works

Thanks for reading 🙂

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New school tips

These are tips for new year seven or people moving to a new school to make you have a good first day 😃

IMG_1363Tip one

Be your self, not a faker, when you are yourself people can be friends with who you really are.

Tip two

Try to do your best in all subjects, even if you don’t like a subject do your best that is all you can do!

Tip three

Never tried to be the ‘class clown’ you all end up in a lot of trouble. Being ‘popular’ is not always the best opinon.

Top Tip!

Enjoy school, every school day can only last once!

Have a good first day! And thanks for reading 🙂

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First blog post

IMG_3804This is my very first post. If you need any advice, comment on this blog so I can make a new one about that subject. I started this blog because today I had nothing to do. I typed in to google ‘things to do when bored’ it came up with weird thing like:

1.Bake a cake (no time)

2.Go out with friends (it was 19:00)

3.Write a blog

This one got me thinking maybe I can be like Penny Porter (‘girl online’) from Zoella’s  book series! I was inspired!

If you want to know more about me I love watching zoella, love the next step, live in England and I am in year eight moving on to year nine in September! But I am one of the youngest in my year so it can be tough. My first advice post was on school tips based on some year 7’s I saw struggling.

I shall try write about 2-5 blogs a week depending on my homework!

Thanks for reading 🙂

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